New Features, VPL Series:
New Features
New Specifications

IK09-raiting for all VPL series
New Documentation
SGM VPL Series User Manual (Rev. B)
    • Added detailed installation guide
    • Added accessories
    • Added electrical specifications
    • Added drawings 
SGM Network Admin User Manual (Rev. A)
    • Software guide
SGM VPL Series Full Brochure and Installation Guide (Rev. D)
    • Updated information
New Firmware

    • Added compatibility with SGM Network Admin 1.0
    • Improved connectivity
    • Improved reliability

Important note: After this firmware is uploaded into VPL fixtures, older firmware versions cannot be uploaded anymore. This firmware will not work with the older VP Admin software either, or VP Processor hardware. Please avoid uploading the firmware if you are planning to use VP Admin software, or if your units are connected to a SGM VP Processor.
New Software

SGM Network Admin 1.0
    • Full redesign of the VP Admin
    • Easier setup
    • Improved sorting
    • Added groups
    • Added multiple test
    • Improved reliability and network connectivity
    • Improved procedure for updating software

Important note: This software is a major update and it will not work with VPL fixtures using older binary firmware. In order to use VPL fixtures running old firmware with the SGM Network Admin, the VPL units must be updated to 5.4 version with “.sfu” extension. If the VPL fixtures are not updated, they will still be shown in the software, but the software features will not be available for them. It is possible to update VPL fixtures with old firmware from the SGM Network Admin software; the latest firmware is always embedded. The older VP Admin software will no longer be supported by SGM.
New accessories

VPL Smoked clear lens
    • Smoked black clear lens in 3 lengths (305, 610,1220), designed to hide the LEDs when switched off, keep optimal output with no diffusion when switched on. Available with pictures on the website.
VPL Opal / Black lens
    • Opal flat-lifted lens in 3 lengths (305, 610,1220), designed to create a diffuse texture of light instead of defined pixels. Available with pictures on the website.
GND / Earth wire, 1 m
    • Ground / Earth wire with 1 meter length suitable for VPL fixtures, designed to prevent failures due to lightning strikes. Available with pictures on the website.


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